Polina Zabrodskaya



Creative Director

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Campaign: Ad of The Day; Ad Age: Editor’s Pick; BestAds: Best TV of the Week; David Reviews: 5/5; MAA: 9/10.



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They told me I’d never use my Master’s. I told them бәнсә няагәә исюӡә.


Cannes Lions Innovation Shortlist; Cannes Lions Creative Data Shortlist; Cannes Lions Direct Shortlist x2


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Over the past nine years, I've made so many banners, I had to do this to avoid winding up in hell.


Cannes Lions Media Gold, Cannes Lions Media Silver, Cannes Lions Cyber Bronze; 

One Show Direct Gold, One Show Interactive Silver, D&AD in Digital Adverts, Webby Winner. 


Cannes Lions Film Craft Bronze in Script, D&AD pencil in PR



"The Dilemma”


How mean can you be to a random person who never did anything to you? Worth it, though. 


Cannes Lions PR Gold&Silver, Cannes Lions Media Gold&Silver, Cannes Lions Cyber Bronze; 

Grand Clio in Sports; Eurobest Gold PR; LIA Beyond Advertising Gold.

Car vs Piano


Car vs Piano was made in 2012, and I still quite like it. I'm almost sure we were the first ones to come up with a live Twitter feed integration.


Cannes Lions Cyber Bronze, Eurobest Gold Interactive, Epica Bronze Interactive, The FWA Site of The Day.


"Bohemian Rhapsody"

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Some films just need a little something at the end...


Cannes Lions Film SL; Eurobest Bronze in Film & Film Craft; One Show Bronze Film. 


"Behind the Star"

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This proves that even an Oscar-winning actor can’t get a new kitchen for free