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If you have no idea what I do, here's my CV. If you're looking for my work, this is my favourite campaign. And maybe this one. This one is the most recent. This one has the most awards. Speaking of awards, if you need to see the full list, here it is. I think the fact that we all keep these lists, messes with our heads. But who needs unconditional self-worth when you can get

a work visa.


If you are a creative trying to get your first job abroad, here's some advice I wish I'd heard.


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I identify as a "if-it-won't-make-the-news-I'm-not-really-interested" type. I mean, there's nothing wrong with a 60'', I've made lots of them. But my heart is in digital activations and subversive political campaigns.


If I'm a creative director on your project and you googled my portfolio, you're probably trying to figure out whether I know what I'm doing. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Being wrong about an idea feels exactly the same as being right. If you think I've made

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